What We Do ?

More technology = more decisions. We’ve founded our Consulting and Design team to enable you to make the right decisions on technology upgrades and refreshes, in addition to new workflows at your facility. And our services programs providing a range of professional & technical services, including: full system customizations & configuration, delivery & deployment, onsite product training, and expert technical support in each our categories services.

Frequency and Transmission line Assignment

Techno Think is the provider agent /authorized reseller of Nilesat teleport in Kurdistan Region and Iraq. The company supplies Long Range Frequency (LRG) at Eutelsat 7 W and 8 W on Nilesat Teleport. TechnoThink also allocates/ assigns your TV channel on Hotbird, Galaxy, Yahsat, Turksat and many other Teleports. Our company transmits your channel to Nilesat Teleport at no cost. Regarding Intermediate Frequency, TechnoThink provides Internet IP and     Uplinks for free. We use (Zixi Server) for LINE-transmission on the internet    because it is approved that (Zixi Server) performs better and reduces termination and frequency malfunctions.

Radio Station Setup

TechnoThink is installing professional FM radio-stations (including radio server room & radio towers) for which we are using the best and highest quality branded company devices.
We choose the best for our clients and make sure that they are comfortable with them and their budget. For studio rooms we make sure that there is no sound escaping or echos for this we use the greatest Sound Proof Materials with best Interior design. Our team will help you for choosing the desired FM frequency from Ministry of Communication (MOC).
We are consulting the procedure of the radio set-up from A to Z.
Our company represent numerous analog and digital audio brands, for which we give a full warranty for all equipments and maintenance overall.
We are your local contact for audio solutions.

MCR & Playout Centers

TechnoThink offers a wide range and multipurpose playout centers for channels. The signals form audio\video pass through prior to transmission. its operator is suitable and interacts with all sort of equipment which might typically include Video Monitor, Satellite Receiver, Video Recording and Transmission Equipment depending on the latest version of hardware brands. TechnoThink also provides powerful PC for CGs and Playout Automation Engineering Designs. Our highly automated systems are capable of reducing manpower staff in MCR.

Large Scale Broadcast Router Installation

TechnoThink is a leading professional company in installing large scale video routers. Our company deals with over 300 series of multi format router configurations 528×528,cross point of HD-SDI video, AES Audio, multiple AES audio signals are multiplexed and de-multiplexed               connections to video routers where video and audio signals are embedded and de-embedded all configuration, all will be controlled by hardware and GUI Soft Panels.


TechnoThink produces quality Promotional and Corporate films as well as Social Media videos, Documentary and Lifestyle content for broadcasters and TV channels.
Additionally only the most professional and best branded Studio Equipment with latest Technology are being used by a professional staff.
Our production studio possesses all the needed decoration, lighting and sound system.


We provide you with any service of post production. No project is too big or too small. HD, UHD, Dolby Vision & Dolby Atoms or VR, we can do it all. Using the latest editing software, we ensure we have all the professional tools you need to tell your story.
Once your project moves into the Online & Mastering stage, we have finishing solutions to suit your 4K, UHD SDR/HDR, or HD workflows.

The softwares our team use:

  • Avid Media Composer
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Avid Symphony
  • Autodesk Flame
  • Da Vinci Resolve

Video Encoding & Decoding

TechnoThink uses the latest Encoders available now in the international markets, in other words we provide the same Encoders used by BBC, CNN, AP, and other International Media Groups. Customers should keep the fact in mind that the main source  influences the video quality of their live broadcasting channels is Encoders and Decoders. TechnoThink   provides Harmonic and Tandberg brands of Encoders/Decoders to client’s Channels at no cost and selects the best format that is convenient to their TV Channel.

Onset Monitor walls and Video Processors

TechnoThink is capable of installing professional Video wall screens for onset studios that would be mounted by NEC monitor supports or LED monitors. We also install mobile Video Walls – LED Monitors at different qualities and volumes, having in considerations per meters and pixels in mind which can easily be controlled by Video processing hardware and software of computer systems.

Shared Storage for Media groups

TechnoThink designs and integrates new shared storage environment for TV    stations and Media Groups, for this scale-out, SAN (storage area network)  solution is used for daily project editing and will be broadcasted on TV channel to increase workflow speed of storage. Our storage system allows and interacts with Fiber Optic and Ethernet to NAS (network attached storage) component to make more efficiency. Each Server mirrors and uses RAID system.

SNG Digital Satellite News Gathering Setup

TechnoThink installs modern Mobile DSNGs mobile which is a sophisticated affair. Our systems are capable of deployment practically anywhere in the civilized world. We depend on the latest technology and equipment to transmit your stream on KU Band and C Band. IN concern to the Modulators and Encoders, TechnoThink uses Tandberg Ericsson and Harmonic brands that will be   integrated in Mobile SNGs.

Monitoring System

Separate monitoring should be performed on both Uplink/downlink and audio/video    quality measurements, observing downlink recording systems should be employed with go days continues storage, library can have maintained with sufficient storage (NAS network attached storage) and Archiving on Cloud Servers.

Live Stream

TechnoThink broadcasts your TV channel oour own website or any other platform in the web with no delay or malfunction, providing various quality options such as 4K, 1920p, 720p or SD pal., which coincides with the speed used by the user and that the system automatically selects the quality, and an automatic scale for any type of device, with unlimited bandwidth and 10 Gbps port options.  


TechnoThink can make you the best way to host, promote, and track your podcast, reach millions of potential listeners by listing your podcast in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more. TechnoThink will help you to share and your podcast will appear wherever people are searching for it.

Bulk SMS

TechnoThink can help you with a technology, Called Bulk SMS.
That lets you send, hundreds, even 100k of SMS at a time to phone numbers with only 1 click.
We can make  communication’s much more easier and faster with this technology. No social messengers and email can outperform it.
With the help of TechnoThink you can reach as many people as you want just in a few seconds and let them participate in all kind of TV Shows, Game Shows or Charity programms.

Suppliers : Korek Telecom / Asia Cell / Zain